Welcome to Art Villa

Art Villa is a vibrant art studio in the heart of South Kolkata, it is a creative and unique art making space where everyone can explore ideas, be educated, be encouraged, be creative and have FUN!

At Art Villa, we truly believe that artistic expression is a vital ingredient to a healthy mind, body and spirit. We invite you to begin your journey with us today. We will provide the time and place away from the chaos of home, work and school where you can fully relax, rejuvenate and nourish yourself though the healing power of art.

Let’s Go, Creatively Wild!

About Us

This cavern of creativity was built in 2016 with the sole purpose of sharing the art space with professional artists and aspiring art students in their artistic development.

At Art Villa, you will be challenged to work with full freedom, in a stimulating environment, and taste the life of an artist. We encourage, that its the process and originality of art that matters the most, and not the final product as every work of art is a masterpiece!

No matter your age, ability, or experience, this is truly a place to grow, learn, share, and allow your soul to shine a little brighter.

Ajay Mehra

Artist / Curator / CEO

A vivid collector of art and an artist himself, Ajay wanted to share his art space with aspiring artists, where they can come & express themselves freely, leading to the formation of Art Villa.

His paintings have been showcased in various exhibitions in India & abroad.


Lipika Taneja

Director / Creative Head

Lipika, a Fashion Merchandiser working for GAP Inc., moved to Kolkata in 2013. Wanting more than an everyday life in a cubicle, decided to support her husband’s passion for Art. Thus, put her childhood interest in Craft & self-held knowledge in technology to work at Art Villa.


Somnath Kanjilal



Manas Roy